The Tooth Fairy

Reagan, a 9-year-old in Parks Hall at Tupelo Children’s Mansion, recently lost one of her bottom front teeth. She believes in the tooth fairy, and spent time writing the tooth fairy a note, and drawing her a picture, and carefully putting the note and tooth in a Ziploc bag for the tooth fairy to find. 

Because we have motion detectors activated at night, it was decided we would leave the tooth in the kitchen on the counter, where the tooth fairy could find it without setting off an alarm. 

When 8-year-old Biira saw that Reagan had some money from the tooth fairy, she exclaimed, “Now I know why my teeth haven’t been being picked up. I wasn’t putting them in the right place.”

A few minutes later, Biira brought a Ziploc bag of three teeth that she had apparently been carefully keeping in her dresser in her room, until she could figure out how to reach the tooth fairy. She deposited the bag of teeth on the kitchen counter with a note explaining to the tooth fairy that she had been saving them for her, and asking if she could have all of the owed money, please. 

I guess the tooth fairy will be busy tonight and broke tomorrow. 

~ Kathryn Slagle, Director of Residential Services

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Wonderful service tonight at TCM. @AubreyJayroe, Vice President & CFO, brought a powerful message! @mansionkids

...The overwhelming response to our Fun Run campaign will be a tremendous blessing in providing for the growing number of children at the Mansion. The actual Fun Run event is scheduled for June 16th, so there is still time to make a donation. THANK YOU!!!

The amount raised for the Mansion Fun Run is now at $110,825!!! Our original goal was $91,000, based on the 91 children we had at the time when we launched the campaign. As of today, we now have 101 children in our care, all of them living in residence halls on the TCM campus...

My heart is aching! Just approved 3 more children to come to TCM, bringing number in our care to 102! Am depending on God’s help, and your help, to provide for their needs. Now, more than ever before, your support of this mission is needed & appreciated!

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