Prayer Requests from Mansion Kids

~ For guidance for my life

~ For my Mamaw

~ That I can do the best that I can when it is far out of reach

~ That I will feel love for my family

~ For my two brothers

~ That my dog feels well after her sugery

~ That I would be safe

~ That I can trust people

~ For my family

~ To forgive my parents

~ To have good behavior

~ That my mom finds her way back to God

~ That I get my braces off this summer

~ For my Grammy and Pawpaw

~ That I will always stay with God

~ For a closer relationship with God

~ For peace and wisdom from God

~ That my family is okay and safe

~ That I will have more self-confidence

~ That I get to see my grandma before she dies of cancer

~ For my brother in the army

~ For my Nana on drugs

~ For my brother to get back in church

~ That my mom would write me a letter

~ That my mom would do good in rehab

~ For Brother and Sister Judd

~ That my family will give me another chance

~ That my dad will forgive me

~ For my family who have the coronavirus

~ That I can have a visit with my family soon

~ That I can have a better relationship with my family

~ For the poor people out on the streets

~ For my dogs

~ For healing for my broken relatioships

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With us now having 100 kids at TCM, more furniture was needed. This “Tough Stuff" solid wood furniture was just delivered. THANK YOU for giving to the Mansion!

~ 26 Bunk Beds
~ 51 Chests
~ 4 Sofas
~ 22 Dining Room Chairs
~ 3 Dining Tables
~ 4 End Tables
~ 3 Entertainment Centers


In 2019, we shared TCM at 18 camps & 10 ladies conf’s...$100k in offerings & many new sponsors. Obviously, that isn’t happening this year. Plz prayerfully consider a “camp meeting” offering or becoming a monthly sponsor to help us with this mission!

At least 13 of our teenagers and younger children were gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit this morning at the Mansion! One of the most powerful worship services we’ve experienced in our 19 years here! @mansionkids

Enjoying having our long-time friends with us, Monte N Dianne Showalter, Missionary Evangelists. Erma introduced them to each other in St. Louis in March of ‘71. These Mississippi girls were youth camp friends.

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