A Touching Story

An aunt of two of our recently placed girls called today to check on them. She was told that the two little girls, ages three and five, were adjusting well. When asked if they had been sad or crying, she was told that they had not been crying for their family since arriving and seemed to be accepting of living here.

The aunt stated that she was glad the children were at the Mansion and in a safe environment. She mentioned that the girls were not always safe with their mother, and that she had gone and picked up the girls from crack houses where the mother had abandoned them.

Everyone here at the Mansion is amazed at how mature the 5-year old is. The houseparents have observed her making her own bed, cleaning up after herself, and instructing others on how to take care of themselves. The aunt said that this behavior was learned through necessity. The older girl had been responsible for the care of the younger sibling. She would actually change her diapers, feed and dress her every day.

This story touches my heart and reminds me of why the Mansion exists, and why I love my calling to Tupelo.

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