A Wonderful Testimony

Last week, James (not his real name), a 12-year old Mansion resident, asked to testify during the TCA chapel. He got up in front of the whole elementary school and, with tears streaming down his face, began to share how that before coming to the Mansion he didn’t have any friends and everyone made fun of him. But, since coming to Tupelo, everyone has been so nice to him and helped him to feel good about himself. He thanked everyone for being his friend and stated how happy he was to be here.

When I heard this, I recalled from the placement application that his mother had stated that James was a loner and didn’t seem to have any friends. She stated that one of his problems was a lack of self-esteem, and that he felt fat and worthless. In the short time that James has been with us, he has made tremendous progress. He’s even been inviting some of his relatives that live in the Tupelo area to visit our church, and several of them have attended. This has made him so proud.

James has so much potential. Along with providing for him a safe and loving home where he can grow and develop academically, emotionally and spiritually, our goal is to give him the two greatest gifts that we can possibly give to our children—the twin gifts of dignity and self-respect.

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