Family Time

It’s always good to get a way for a few days of rest and relaxation. Erma and I are thoroughly enjoying the work that God has called us to do and have never been more fulfilled in ministry; however, the workload does get extremely heavy at times, not to mention the stress of the daily grind. And so we realize that taking a break or some time off for vacation is a must. We have surrounded ourselves with gifted counselors and advisors that make sure that this is a priority for us.

This Memorial Day weekend, we’re enjoying a few days in College Station, Texas with our two daughters and their husbands.

Chad and Tamisha Utermark, and our grandson, Chadwick Judd Utermark, live in College Station, and Ben and Tamara Sanders live in Dallas.

Needless to say, Little Judd, as we call him, is our pride and joy! He turned 4-years old in January. He’s a very smart little boy, and quite an athlete. He hits a golf ball off the tee about 90 yards, and enjoys football, baseball, basketball, soccer and swimming. As you can see from these photos, he’s really into baseball right now.

His Daddy is a Cubs Fan. I just had to buy him a Cardinals Cap the other day, much to the chagrin of Chad.

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