Last Week of School

This is the last week of school of school for Tupelo Christian Academy, our on-campus school at TCMM. There are a number of end-of-the-year events taking place, including an exciting field day of fun activities for the kids, a memorable year-end formal and awards night filled with recognition for the students’ dedication to growing, both academically and spiritually. The Kindergarten and High School Graduation is tomorrow night. Next week, the seniors are going on their senior trip to New York City to fulfill a life-long dream for each of them.

I can’t say enough good things about our school. TCA is considered one of the finest Christian schools in this entire region. Our enrollment last year was 118 students and a larger number of students is anticipated for the 2008-2009 school year. The Junior and Senior High classes this coming year will all be taught by teachers with either Bachelors or Masters degrees. The curriculum that will be utilized is A Beka and McDougal LIttell. Advanced math and science classes, such as trigonometry and physics, will also be offered. Several new electives will be available, including: psychology, economics and Spanish. Due to the special needs of some of our newer Mansion residents, TCA also has an ACE Learning Center and a summer school program for those who can benefit from this program. The majority of our Mansion residents are behind academically when they come to us. It is amazing to see them get back on track and eventually excel in their schooling. Our excellent teachers and houseparents work together to help the children in this area.

Thomas Noe is doing a fantastic job as Executive Director of Tupelo Christian Academy. To know more about TCA, visit our Web site at:

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