New Residents

We received three new residents yesterday.

A 14 year-old young lady was placed in Haven of Hope Girls’ Home. Her mother heard about our program for troubled teenage girls through a lady that has visited our church. This girl struggles with some anger issues, but she is accepting of being at HOH and states that she wants to make a positive change in her life.

Two boys also arrived on Tuesday. Devin is 13 and Shawn is 14. Their mother heard of us through the internet. The boys have no church background. The younger boy is the more outgoing of the two, and his older brother seems to be more reflective. Devon loves to skateboard and Shawn loves to draw. The boys have been in foster care previously and seem very excited about their new home.

We will be placing two more brothers this Saturday. With the arrival of these boys, both Cole Morgan Hall and Parks hall will be functioning at full capacity. The other boys’ residence hall, Townhouse, is currently being renovated.

Growth at the Mansion seems to come in spurts. We’ll go for a couple of months with no placements, and then suddenly we’ll be getting a bunch of calls and applications. It’s always an exciting and challenging time as new children arrive as we work with them to adjust to their new home and surroundings. It can be a bit overwhelming for the kids. Please pray for these newly arriving children.

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