Mansion Hi-Lights from Greensboro Conference

The recent UPCI General Conference in Greensboro, N. C. was a great blessing to the Mansion. It was a great opportunity to visit with our supporters and a number of former residents and staff members.

I am happy to report that we received an allocation of $21,000.00 from the Ladies Ministries – MOTHER’S MEMORIAL offering to help with the renovation of the serving line in our food services area and also for the education program of Haven of Hope Girls’ Home.

We also were blessed by the General Youth Division with a SHEAVES FOR CHRIST offering allocation in the amount of $26,015.81 to help us with the next phase of our athletic field project.

We are grateful for the funding that we have received through the years from the ladies and the youth for buildings and special projects. While we continue to depend on our donor offerings and monthly support for our day-to-day operations, these allocations are a wonderful boost to our program each year.

The hi-light of the week was our Mansion program on Friday just prior to the evening service. This prime-time event has been a Conference tradition for years, and we appreciate the opportunity to promote the Mansion and receive a special offering. This year, we featured a moving 3-minute media presentation with expressions from four former residents. Jim Lumpkin, son of our former Chairman, the late James G. Lumpkin, told me after the service that he wept as he sat in the crowd watching the presentation. He told me that his father would have been so pleased to hear those testimonies. T. F. Tenney concluded the segment by receiving an offering in the amount of $7,800.00.

You can watch a clip of our Mansion program by clicking on the following link…

Here are excerpts from the four testimonies:

“My three sisters and I arrived at the Mansion by train in 1953 following the death of our mother. We were the first residents to call the Mansion home. I thank Pop Montgomery for having a burden and I thank my pastor for seeing that we were able to come to the Mansion. We didn’t have any money, clothes or shelter, but God took care of us. He never failed us. I’m proud that I was raised at Tupelo Children’s Mansion. I’m thankful. I am so thankful.”

–    Edna Grayson

“I came to the Mansion when I was eleven. My mom passed away of cancer and my dad just couldn’t take care of my two sisters and me. I thank God everyday that I had a place like this to come to, because I don’t know where I would have been. I can’t even imagine what my life would have been like without the Mansion.”

–    Dustin Taylor

“I learned so much while I was at the Mansion. In fact, I didn’t want to leave. I learned that I could become something and rise above my past. I’ve been to college and now work at a hospital. I am actively involved in my church. I’m just really thankful that God had mercy and allowed me to come to Tupelo Children’s Mansion.”

–    Dana Rousch

“Tupelo Children’s Mansion provided a safe haven for us. The staff gave us great encouragement. The Mansion will never know the full extent of what they did for my family. There’s not enough money or words that I could say that would express my appreciation.”

–    Cynthia Mott

General Conference next year is taking place in St. Louis. With the Conference being closer to home, we will no doubt be taking all of the children with us and planning for a “Meet the Children” reception. Of course, they will be singing during our program on Friday night. If you are there, you won’t want to miss it!

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