It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

For me, it’s more than just a carol. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year…especially at the Mansion.

Margo Burton recently wrote a brief article about Christmas at the Mansion, which was published exclusively in the Mansion Minute, our E-Newsletter. In this well-written piece, she highlights the various events that transpire during the days leading up to Christmas, including the Annual Toy Run and the Mansion Family Christmas.

In this blog entry, I want to place a spotlight of appreciation on the various groups and individuals that come during this Christmas season to visit the campus, bringing gifts for the children. What a blessing they are to the ministry.

To mention just a few of them…

12-09-08-AEllen Swanner, of Bogalusa, LA, came last Thursday, bearing gifts for the children. Dr. Saux, an oncologist, accompanies her each year, helping to distribute the gifts to each residence hall. Ellen, and her late husband, Wayne, have been passionate about supporting the Mansion for nearly 20 years.

12-09-08-BThe West Atlanta Pentecostal Church of Atlanta, GA, pastored by Daryl Johns, came yesterday, bringing one gift for each resident, along with a pizza party and baked cookies for all. They enjoyed visiting with the children in the Dining Hall, and then offered special prayer for some of our staff members, including my wife, Erma.

Clifton Parker, a former resident who lived here in the 60’s, is heading up a fund-raiser with Northup Grumman Associates of Pascagoula, MS, in hopes of purchasing new bicycles for all of the children.

12-09-08-CEastwood Pentecostal Church, of Lake Charles, LA, pastored by Murrell Ewing, will be coming on Friday for a pizza party with the children. They too, have a gift for each resident.

Many other churches and local businesses are working hand in hand to see that every child at the Mansion enjoys a wonderful Christmas. For many of our newer children, it has already been by far the very best Christmas they have ever had!


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