Announcing Partnership with University of Mississippi and Nurse Mentorship Academy

01-12-09-BTupelo Christian Academy, our on-campus school, is considered to be one of the finest private Christian schools in Northeast Mississippi. We are very excited about the opportunities we are now able to offer our students. We continue to strive not only to prepare our students to graduate, but to equip them for success in furthering their education and pursuing their careers.

We are pleased to announce two new programs that are being offered to our High School juniors and seniors by the University of Mississippi and the Nurse Mentorship Academy.

Thomas Noe, Executive Director of TCA, emailed me the following details this afternoon…

“We are proud to have been approved to offer dual credit courses for our junior and seniors. Effective this semester, all juniors and seniors that are enrolled in college prep classes and have a 2.5 grade point average can take up to two classes a semester from the University of Mississippi. These classes being offered Include: Accounting Principles I and II, Administrative Accounting, Applied Sciences, Business Administration, Psychology I, Adolescent Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Elementary Education, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry I and II, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, French I and II, German I and II, Portuguese I and II, Spanish I and II, Religion, Trigonometry, Geology, History, Sociology, Computers, Management Systems I and II, Art, Music Introduction, English Composition I and II, and Literature.

“Tupelo Christian Academy has also been chosen by the North Mississippi Corridor Consortium to be a part of the Nurse Mentorship Academy.The students will shadow health care providers in area hospitals, attend workshops on the Itawamba Community College campus, and have the opportunity to take a Certified Nurse Assistant (C.N.A.) course. Graduates of the Nurse Mentorship Academy, who pass the state certification exam, are eligible for employment as a C.N.A. at area nursing homes or hospital facilities. Tupelo Christian Academy is the only faith based private school currently partnering with the Mississippi Corridor Consortium in this training grant from the Department of Labor. The four partnering universities will pay for uniforms, books, and tuition for TCA students. Students who complete this course and successfully pass the C.N.A. exam can apply to work at a local hospital for a decent wage while they work towards their L.P.N. This program is for seniors in their last semester of school.”

We are thankful for Bro. Noe and the qualified staff that continually strive for excellence in providing a quality education for our children. Currently, all junior high and high school teachers at Tupelo Christian Academy are degreed specialists in the field they are teaching. Seventy percent of our teachers from K5 through high school hold an academic degree, while the remaining teachers hold a degree from a Bible college.

Grades K3 through 12 are presently utilizing the A Beka Curriculum, while math classes in grades 7 through 12 are employing the McDougal Littel Math Program. We also have a learning center which utilizes the A.C.E. program for those who are not able to excel in a traditional classroom. The combination of teacher-taught instruction while still employing a learning center has proven to be effective in meeting the unique needs of all students at Tupelo Christian Academy. Some electives this year include: Spanish, psychology, sociology, current cultures, business law, computers, keyboarding, and life skills.

As of today, we have 151 students enrolled: 14 in preschool, 36 in lower elementary, 43 in upper elementary, 14 in Junior High, 38 in High School, and 6 in Haven of Hope.

Hope you enjoyed this update.

Until next time…

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