New Houseparents Arrive

By Stephen Judd

We recently welcomed James and Shelly Roberts to the TCM campus as houseparents over Cole Morgan Residential Hall.

The Roberts have been married for 15 years.  They have two sons, James (15) and Giovanni (13).

James grew up in a military home and enlisted in the military, too.  After serving several years with the Marines, he was medically discharged due to some issues with his knee.  James made his home in Augusta, GA where he was mentored by his pastor, Wesley McClain.

Shelly grew up in Wausau, WI.  A Baptist neighbor introduced her family to the love of God, and Shelly began her journey to find Him.  Circumstances led Shelly to Augusta, GA where she met James.

03-09-09-AThe Roberts love the outdoors and any activity that they can do as a family.  They have been actively involved in various ministries, including youth work and teaching Bible studies.

James said, “We have made a change in our lives.  God has been teaching us, as a family, for the past few years.  Now, we know the reasoning behind all of the madness.  God has prepared us for such a time as this.  We are now able to touch lives in ways that no other can, from the start.  We love young people and really love our boys at our new home . . . the Mansion.”

Shelly said, “We have felt for many years that God has been equipping us with the knowledge and understanding to do something more.  And now the past few months, by the leading of God, He has opened door after door and made things happen only like He can. Now, we are here, as houseparents, at Tupelo Children’s Mansion.”

The Roberts are doing a great job and have already made a difference in the lives of their boys.

Chad Parker, Executive Director of Residential Services, commented, “I have made several “drop-in” visits and each time they are actively engaged in some activity with the kids.  The boys have continually stated how much they ‘love’ the Roberts.  God has blessed us with this couple.”

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