If you are a supporter of Tupelo Children’s Mansion, ‘THANK YOU!”

You help to enable this ministry to touch and transform the lives of precious children, some of whom have come to the states through adoptions from: Russia, China, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Columbia, Ecuador, and other countries. Thanks to you, our children are living in a safe environment, while learning that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives.

One of our newest little girls just said with a big smile,

“I love living at the Mansion. I love my housemother and all of my new dorm sisters. I love my teachers and all of my new friends. I feel so happy to be here.”

TCM cares for these children 24/7. Nutritious meals replace hunger pains. Peace overshadows panic. Joy steps in where fear once reigned. Heartbreak becomes happiness. Stories like these will never cease as long as we continue to have donors like you.


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