Christmas at the Mansion




Matthew is a typical Mansion resident. His mother and father divorced when he was three, at which time the mother abandoned him. Matthew’s father remarried, had another child and seemed to be a happy family. However, the parents became involved in drugs, the father ended up in jail, and his new mom is on probation.

Would you consider sending a special Christmas gift today of $10, $25, $100…or more, if possible?

A generous gift this holiday season—whatever you can afford—will help make it possible for Matthew and other children to experience the hope and peace that Christmas promises each one of us.

No doubt there are other children in your life—your own son or daughter, a niece or nephew, a grandchild. Will you consider giving a special gift this Christmas for an “extra” child, like Matthew?

Thank you for lighting the way for “our” children as they journey to the hope and healing promised by the gift of the Christ Child.



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