Prayer Requests from Mansion Kids

Each day, the TCM staff pray for several Mansion Kids, with each of our 90 children being designated for special focused prayer each month. Here are some of the most recent prayer needs submitted…

~ To behave.
~ For my family to forgive me.
~ My dad’s salvation.
~ That my dog doesn’t die.
~ My grades.
~ Ethiopia.
~ My uncle Buddy.
~ Our quiz team.
~ For my mom to find her way back to God.
~ My honesty.
~ For a note from my family.
~ My mom who had surgery.
~ That my family will do okay.
~ For my brother to be safe in the army.
~ That I can open up and pour out what I need to get out.
~ That God will help me to live a more Godly life.
~ That I get some stuff on my wish list.
~ Forgiveness for the past, of others and myself.
~ The new girl.
~ That I can receive God. I never felt God in my church like I do here.