Micah’s Big Day!

Yesterday, Kathryn Slagle, our TCM Director of Residential and a housemother, shared with us a small victory in the scope of life, but a huge triumph for one of our growing toddlers. We wanted to pass it along.

After months of hard work, Micah graduated into big boy underwear this week. He received some character underwear from sponsors at Christmas, and everyday he’s been looking at them in his drawer, working extra hard to get to wear his big boy Paw Patrol undies. The new underwear has been folded neatly in his drawer next to his PJs, and every night he eyed them. They have been super motivating.

Monday finally was the big day. He couldn’t quit smiling as he put on his new underwear, and then, to top it off, he had a brand new pair of Paw Patrol light up tennis shoes to make the transition complete.

When the other kids in the residence hall came down to eat breakfast after prayers, Sis. Slagle told everyone that Micah had an announcement to make. Smiling from ear to ear he announced, “I’m wearing big boy underwear.” At this proud announcement, all the rest of the children clapped and cheered.

Encouraged by the attention before anyone realized what was coming next, he yelled, “And look, they match my new shoes.” And without warning he dropped his pants to prove it.

Even though most of the other children were all a little startled, all had to agree that they did indeed match quite well.

Micah spent the day telling everyone who would listen that he was wearing big boy underwear. However, we didn’t have a repeat of the showing, because Sis. Slagle had a little talk before they left for school that perhaps he was over-sharing a bit.

We are so proud of Micah. He hasn’t had one accident since putting on that pair of big boy Paw Patrol underwear. He has never been great about telling others when he has to use the restroom. But since Monday, he is now telling everyone when he has to go. Perhaps more often then necessary, because he’s so excited about his achievement.

But who cares? The smiles are worth those extra trips.