Prayer Requests from Mansion Kids

Each day, the TCM staff pray for several Mansion Kids, with each of our 85-90 children being designated for special prayer each month. Here are some of the most recent prayer needs submitted…

Please pray…

~ For direction, wisdom and guidance in my life.
~ That I will walk in God’s way.
~ That I can see my family again.
~ For my walk with God.
~ That God will love and forgive those who hurt me.
~ My sister.
~ That I will be nice to people.
~ That God will help me not to blame myself.
~ That my mom will get better.
~ For my dad’s surgery.
~ That I will get on fire for God.
~ For my spiritual self.
~ For third world countries.
~ That I can look at things positively.
~ For my tolerance.
~ That I will get the Holy Ghost!
~ That my behavior will get better.
~ For my mom to get custody of me.
~ That I will get accepted into Urshan College.
~ That may mom will come get me soon.
~ For Sis. Candi, my favorite teacher.
~ That I can watch my tongue.
~ That I can go home for good.