Recent Prayer Requests from Mansion Children

~ For my brother to be healed
~ That I will treat people with love and respect
~ For my lost loved ones
~ That I will stop being depressed
~ That I will be able to go on a visit
~ That I will be able to succeed in college
~ That I will be good
~ For my mom
~ That my family will forgive me
~ For my Nana and Papa to be ok
~ That I will be able to keep the same trust in people
~ That my spiritual life will improve
~ For my grades
~ That I would have a good family
~ That I get the Holy Ghost
~ My brother
~ For my dad in the army
~ That I will reach my weight loss goal
~ That I will be able to forgive my family
~ For my grandma
~ For forgiveness towards others who have hurt me
~ That the homeless to be able to find homes
~ That the Lord will help me here
~ That I can enjoy my time at the Mansion
~ That my family will be safe
~ For a very big unspoken request
~ That I can find a new dad
~ That my hair will grow
~ That I can be happy
~ That I will always love God