TCM Coronavirus Update

We want to thank all who have reached out to us with concerns regarding Tupelo Children’s Mansion’s well-being during these difficult days. Thank you for your prayers and support as we navigate through these uncharted waters. 

Of course, our top priority is the safety of the 91 precious children in our care, as well as our incredible, dedicated staff members and their families. A number of measures have been implemented, exercising an abundance of caution, in order to mitigate the health risks involved with this Coronavirus.

As you know, TCM is an essential service. It’s not like a Starbucks, a gym or a restaurant. It’s more like a hospital, nursing home, pharmacy, grocery store, gas station or bank. The Mansion must stay open, even when just about everything else is closed.

We’re a children’s home, providing residential care for children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves deprived of the love and nurture that every child longs for and deserves. Most of our children do not have any place else to go. Caring for children and families in crisis is what we do. It’s our mission. It’s our passion. As the old State Farm jingle states, “Being there is why we’re here.” 

Thank you for your continued offerings of support during this time. If you can send a donation of any amount today, or as soon as you can, it would be a tremendous blessing to this mission!