Prayer Requests from Mansion Kids…

~ For my dad.
~ For the new kid.
~ For my grades.
~ For God’s will in my life.
~ That I would have peace of heart and mind.
~ To help me get better so I can go home.
~ That I will be a good role model.
~ That I will act better in school.
~ That we will be safe.
~ That God will be with me through the bad.
~ That God will help me not to be depressed.
~ For my family.
~ For my future.
~ For my physical pain.
~ That I will get a letter.
~ For me that I will mind my own business.
~ That God will keep my mom and dad safe.
~ To be able to reunite with my family.
~ That my acne will clear up.
~ That I can be adopted.
~ That the coronavirus will go away.
~ That my brothers will play with me.
~ To get a visit.
~ For peace in my life.