Prayer Requests from Mansion Kids

~ For guidance for my life

~ For my Mamaw

~ That I can do the best that I can when it is far out of reach

~ That I will feel love for my family

~ For my two brothers

~ That my dog feels well after her sugery

~ That I would be safe

~ That I can trust people

~ For my family

~ To forgive my parents

~ To have good behavior

~ That my mom finds her way back to God

~ That I get my braces off this summer

~ For my Grammy and Pawpaw

~ That I will always stay with God

~ For a closer relationship with God

~ For peace and wisdom from God

~ That my family is okay and safe

~ That I will have more self-confidence

~ That I get to see my grandma before she dies of cancer

~ For my brother in the army

~ For my Nana on drugs

~ For my brother to get back in church

~ That my mom would write me a letter

~ That my mom would do good in rehab

~ For Brother and Sister Judd

~ That my family will give me another chance

~ That my dad will forgive me

~ For my family who have the coronavirus

~ That I can have a visit with my family soon

~ That I can have a better relationship with my family

~ For the poor people out on the streets

~ For my dogs

~ For healing for my broken relatioships